The TEEST is a user friendly, cost effective Online English Language Proficiency Assessment designed to quickly, accurately and reliably assess learners’ English language ability. The assessment is developed by TEEC Australia Pty. Ltd. and it is widely used by Secondary Schools, Universities, Technical Colleges, private language schools, government offices and companies.

The assessment is designed to measure competency in English listening, reading, grammar and language knowledge for general and non-technical business communication. It takes 45 minutes to complete and measures proficiency from Beginner to Proficient (Post Advanced) level.

The results of the assessment are instantly scored and delivered to the email address of the test taker within seconds of the completion of the assessment. Additionally, score results can be accessed via the Report Management System.

On completion of every assessment the participant can instantly print out a certificate and a report of their assessment showing results and level of proficiency.


  • Aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and meeting the international standard for defining and describing language proficiency.

  • A realistic, objective assessment of English as it is used in general and non-technical business situations.

  • Designed to be reliable – test takers’ scores will be accurate and consistent.

  • Reasonably priced and available on demand. Organizations can arrange for in-house testing of multiple test takers or individual test takers can sign up online to take the TEEST.

  • Instant assessment, scoring and reporting – after taking the TEEST, candidates will instantly know their results. Result summaries and certificates are saved to our online database and are sent automatically to the test taker’s email address.

  • Empowers lecturers, teachers, trainers and human resource managers to plan and budget the amount of training necessary to bring people to the appropriate English language levels for specific areas of study or job functions.

  • Provides a ongoing measurement of proficiency that enables lecturers, teachers and employers to monitor progress.

  • TEEST measures proficiency rather than achievement. Rather than focusing on test technique, trainers can focus on the real language needs of the learners.

  • No costly preparation materials are required to take the TEEST.


Thank you for helping to assess the English language proficiency of candidates as a part of the recruitment programme for several large corporate clients. We are very impressed with the way that TEEC Australia Pty. Ltd. worked with us to design and configure the assessment to our precise specifications. We have now tested nearly 2000 candidates and we’re very pleased with the results and the service we have received. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I wish you continued success!

Stephanie Roberts-Morgan, Innovative Human Resource Solutions, Dubai

TII trains insurance agents and brokers and also teaches them English. We needed an entrance exam in order to place students in groups of approximately the same level of English-proficiency. Our criteria were simple:firstly it should be easy to use, secondly the results should be accurate and clear, and thirdly the test should be online because we wanted to eliminate paperwork and speed up the testing process. After looking at a few online solutions, Russ Emmerson showed me this assessment. It seemed easy to use, secure and worked well on both desktop and tablet computers. Most importantly the assessment provided us with very useful results which helped us place our students into appropriate groups.We liked the fact that students could login after taking the test and print their own certificates. We ordered a batch of user-codes and got started. Russ, he walked me through some small difficulties caused by “user error” in the early stages. He even came to a large testing session to provide in-person support at no cost to us. I can’t say enough in praise of the technical and moral support we received. Very soon we were using the system with great confidence and praising its benefits to our potential clients.

David Bucknell, Manager of the English Project, Thai Institute of Insurers (TII)

The assessment provides a suitable comparative indicator of English language knowledge and the ability to use English in practical situations. I am pleased to endorse the TEEST online test.

Dr. Andrew L. Hill, Head of Science, Brighton Secondary College

We use the TEEST as our guideline for English proficiency for all our teachers who are teaching in our ‘O’ and ‘A’ Cambridge English courses.I find it provides a professional and accurate assessment of the teacher’s ability to teach in this school. All subject teachers are tested, not only those teaching English. I highly recommend it for Educational organisations and businesses.

Garry Holmes, Director of The Just English Centre, Highlands International Boarding School, Malaysia

This assessment offers suitable and accurate bench mark assessment testing criteria that provide an academic measurement of a candidate’s absolute and comparative general English ability. The TEEST accurately measures and records the general and actual functional use of the English language and a candidate’s ability to use these language structures. This makes the TEEST suitable for exiting university students, for employees and potential employees to present to business, civil employee assessment and for nursing assessment.

Dr. Andrew Kilpatrick, Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University

GK Consultants requires all students for its ESL Programmes to take the TEEST before embarking on our courses. We have found it to be extremely informative in that it gives an almost instant score and a set of performance descriptors, sent to both student and tutor. The raw score is bench-marked against a variety of international indicators that are familiar to teachers of English.
In this way our tutors are able to gain an valuable insights into the initial strengths and weaknesses of the student and thus are able to design a course of study that is appropriate for each individual student. The assessment is completely non-threatening and, without exception, our prospective students have found it to be a painless and positive experience and a very useful introduction to our English Language courses. I thoroughly recommend the TEEST to any institution who wishes have a clear indicator of a student’s level before embarking on any course of study that is to be delivered through the medium of English.

Gary King, Executive Director, GK Consultants, Bangkok, Thailand

I love the TEEST. I have taken the test myself to try it out and found it to be excellent in many ways. Firstly, it’s short but effective. Forty five minutes is optimum for the length of a good proficiency test. If it were longer than this, it could cause anxiety and fatigue for the test takers. Secondly, the questions represent a good spectrum of English language proficiency from easy to difficult. Thirdly, when I took the test online there were no technical issues in both in the listening and other parts of the test. I therefore highly recommend this test for corporate and school uses world-wide.

Sitiporn Yodnil, Director, Language Center, Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok

The TEEST is a fast, accurate and reliable measurement of English proficiency which is suitable for placement testing or progress testing university students. It is aligned to other standardised measurements of English and can be used to determine students’ readiness to take tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. It is an online, user-friendly, platform which can be configured to meet the specific requirements of each organisation. I recommend this assessment highly to educational organisations wanting to implement a cost-effective internal English testing solution and to companies needing an accurate assessment tool as a component of their recruitment process or for benchmarking the English levels of their employees.

Dr. Timothy Cornwall, Sasin University